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Gilead's name:

The name Gilead is found in a few different places in the Bible, but the one that was used as the source of the name of the ministry is found in Jeremiah 8:21-22 - "Since my people are crushed, I am crushed; I mourn, and horrir grips me. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Whey then is there no healing for the wound of my people?"

Gilead was knows for it'sThe geological formation is the same as that of Western Palestine, but the underlying sandstone, which does not appear West of the Jordan, forms the base slopes of the chain of Gilead. Teh mountainous area reaches an elevation of 1,000 ft. above the Mediterranean on the South. Above this lies the hard, impervious dolomite limestone which appears in 'the rugged hills round' the Jabbok and in Jebel `Ajlun, rising on an average 1,500 ft. above the sandstone and forming the bed of the copious springs. It also dips toward the Jordan valley, and the water from the surface of the plateau, sinking down to the surface of their formation, bursts out of the hill slopes on the West in perennial brooks. It was from the ruggedness of this hard limestone that Gilead obtained its name. The hill slopes abound in streams and springs; and for this reason Gilead is a fertile country.

This lush region was known for it's "balm", thus the phrase "balm of Gilead'. The balm it refers to is much like what you and I think of when we hear about aloe vera products. There were healng properties to this balm and it was bartered and sold as a means of income.

This fertile area surrounded by mountainous region is descriptive of people who have cancer. A life of ups and downs, where there is growth, healing and treacherous parts. Cancer wounds the heart of people as well as afflicts the body. It causes us to think about issues of life and question things that otherwise we would not think of. That is why the name Gilead fits the ministry so well. Gilead is known for:

  • Fresh, cooling encouragement that brings life to a heart parched by the stresses of fighting a life threatening disease.
  • Practical healing for the heart and soul through cards, telephone calls and help with projects around their home life.
  • Connection to support through transportation and other mobility services to bring some flexiblity to an otherwise house bound existence.

Gilead provides emotional and practical support, a place for people to grow, heal, connect, be encouraged and serve.

Gilead is a place where you can serve and be served, allowing you to have life inspite of your challenges. We believe, there is something bigger than your cancer.

We believe there is hope!

A Hope provided by a person.

Connect with us and let us share His Hope.