Gilead's Board of Directors

Give_Banner.pngWe are thankful for the many talented individuals who give of their time to be part of the leadership of Gilead Ministries. Gilead's ongoing mission is empowered by their input and direction. These community leaders have a heart for the hurting.


2017 Board President is Scott Hunt. Scott is a lawyer and was part of a local firm until this past year. Scott currently serves at the Grant County Prosecutor's office. Scott's has served on the Gilead board since 2011 with a brief period of honorary status due to his job.


Jennifer Ressett is the 2017 Board Vice President. Jennifer has been in the hospice market for a few years now. She works for Kindred Home Health and Hospice. Jennifer is half way through her first three year term.


Kyle started in an agent / sales position with Allstate years back. Kyle really enjoyed his job and saw that it was something he thought he had a future doing. That confidence and success has brought Kyle dividends. This past year Kyle purchased the insurance business he was working with. It is now known as "Taylor Family Insurance." Kyle also serves as secretary on the board. Kyle knows first hand how cancer can change a family's life. His son, Kamden, was diagnosed at the age of 6 months and has just celebrated his second birthday. Kamden is beyond his treatment and doing well. He has regular check-ups and is doing what little boys do.


Sherry Atkinson was part of the early years of Gilead. She recently returned after a few years away. Sherry serves as the treasurer for the Gilead Board. Her experience in accounting and payroll lend themselves well to this vital role. She works for World Gospel Mission.


Geanine Niverson is one of our newer members joining the board in 2016. She has fit right in, helping with the Fly In. She currently serves as Assistant Treasurer. Geanine works for Back Nine Invesmtents: Raymond James and Associates. (Schultz and Powell)


Joseph Brown is another one of our new board members. Joseph also came aboard in 2016. Joseph works for Needham-Storey-Wampner Funeral Services. He is the Director of Funeral Service Operations.


Jeff Fuller has been around sick people most his life, or at least his professional life. Jeff joined our board as part of the newest generation of board members who arrived in January 2016, along with Jospeh and Geanine. Jeff is a Nurse Practitioner with Marion General Hospital. (MGH)


Nik just joined out board in January of 2017. He along with a couple of other additions brought some new blood to this year's retreat/planning session. Nik has had a connection with Gilead through a former board member and was recommended to serve by that board member. Nik works for Lincare.


Oren Guenin is a retired educator who spent most of his professional life as a principal in the Wabash, IN area. He has been involved in many church leadership positions. Oren is someone who lives this motto, "Golf is year round". Oren is currently in his second year of a three year term.


Pam Jamison knows first hand what our clients go through. Her world has been rocked by cancer multiple times. Her knowledge of the journey is also pretty keen. She is a retired hospice worker who has walked the dark valleys with patients before. She is currently on the cancer journey with regular follow-ups. She graciously lists Gilead Ministries as her professional connection on her Facebook Page now.


Suzie Mack joined Gilead's board in January of 2017 and is just getting her feet wet. Her name and face are synonymous with great service from one of Marion, Indiana's best real estate representatives, F.C. Tucker ~ The Mack Team. The families she serves would say she is an "extra mile" person. Her personal story rings true with the same conviction.


Curtis Matteson returned to the Gilead Ministries board after his job took him away from the area for a period of time. His return in the first month of 2017 brings a pastoral influence to our outreach. Whether it was his baseball career or his study for ministry, Curtis is a person of passion and energy. He currently serves as the assistant pastor at Abundant Life Church in Kokomo.


Lail Planck bring years of experience in public relations to Gilead's board. Her career as a marketing and admissions representative for Colonial Oaks has helped many families in the difficult hours. Lail has retired but continues to bring her giving and caring influence to all she does.


Debra Jones-Price is a newly elected (June 2017) board member who comes to us from Mutual Bank. Gilead's ongoing relationship with Mutual Bank has brought many talented people to Gilead's mission and ministry. Debra is the Area Manager and Mortgage lender for Grant (IN) and Wabash (IN) Counties. Deb brings a vast amount of board experience to Gilead, most recently serving on the Marion Philharmonic and was co-chair for one of their annual events.


Sam Sizelove recently joined the Gilead board in 2017. Same is the community liaison for TLC Management in the Marion and Wabash, IN markets. She represents Colonial Oaks, Wesleyan Health Care and Rolling Meadows. She is in her first three year term.


Ron Smelser comes to the Gilead board after being part of a church that has supported Gilead financially for years. Ron has volunteered over the years. He is in his first term and brings a huge support base from his home church, Fairmount Wesleyan. Ron works for one of the largest specialty and microwave popcorn providers in the Midwest, Weaver Popcorn.


If it has buttons or lights Jason has most likely worked with it. Jason Stepp has served Sunnycrest Baptist since 2001. He is the minister of media and is the executive director for the television station, WSOT. He also works at Marion Community Schools. Jason has brought a "pro" style and feel to many of Gilead's PR projects. He's served since late 2014. He and his sister Angela have a business venture together, Stepp Creative Services.


Sheila Stewart has been a pillar of leadership on the Gilead Ministries Board. Sheila oversees the volunteer program at MGH (Marion General Hospital). She has served as president of the board on two different occasions. Sheila has a passion and vision for Gilead, referring patients for encouragement regularly. She also brings some great wisdom and direction for volunteer relations and volunteer management. Sheila's church, Saint Paul, has become one of Gilead's foundational support pillars, which makes her face beam and her heart glad.