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Project 20/20

Here is the list of items that we normally include in the gift bags. This is a real blessing for the patients and has a very practical purpose. We don't expect all the items below, pick a good selection of items and bless others for Christmas!

Your task is to purchase 20 gift bags and to fill each gift bag with some of the suggested items below (12-14 items are sufficient if you don’t use all 20).

  • Christmas cup
  • Toothbrushes
  • Shampoo
  • Pens
  • Note pads
  • Hand cream/lotion
  • Hot chocolate
  • Toothpaste
  • Conditioner
  • Bottled water
  • Word searches
  • Lip balm / chap stickTea
  • Floss
  • Tissues
  • Individual water bottle flavoring
  • Cross word puzzles
  • Mints - regular andsugar free
  • Kits that include band-aids and ointments
  • Snack items like chips, crackers, microwave popcorn

Please be careful of heavily scented items, they may cause patients to have adverse reactions

~ Top it off with a hand made Christmas card ~
(See below for helps and guides in making Christmas cards)

You do not need to use all of the items on the list, but a good assortment of them is needed to be effective at meeting the needs of the cancer patients.

There are a number of items you may feel would be great to put in the gift bags, but before you put any items other than the ones on the list in the gift bags, please call the office at 765- 664-3734 and let us know what they are before you purchase them.

There’s a temptation to make "male" and "female" bags. Please avoid this, the nursing staff do not have time to make sure they are specific. Their day is filled with treating a patient, if we don't make the bags easy for the staff, our welcome could be retracted. Please help us with this.

No “children” or "kids" bags, we don't have anywhere to deliver them to and have to make special arrangements, this slows the process down and our regular gift bag delivery can suffer as a result.

Our goal is to keep this project affordable so that we can continue providing these blessings to cancer patients for years to come! Buy multipacks of the items. Each bag usually costs about $5 - $7 each, sometimes even less if you get items donated.

We ask that if you are providing bags for Project 20/20 to let us know by signing a sheet indicating your participation. It really helps us keep track of how many bags are being constructed so we can make arrangements with those we serve.

Sign up sheets should be at Gilead by November 9, 2012
Gift bags need to be brought to the Gilead Ministries Office by Friday, December 7th.

Christmas Card Helps
Don’t use phrases like:

  • Get well wishes of any kind are not suggested.
  • "Get better soon."

Don’t use a lot of words, keep it simple.
A simple picture on the front of the card is fine. (see below)
Please put "Merry Christmas" on the inside of every card.
If you wish to sign the cards, please only use first name.