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8 Years and blessed

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: September 6, 2019

Steve and Ann just sat down with me and shared how they have been blessed and made better due to cancer...Here's from our time together...{{video id="ann-tisdale-update"}}If you'd like to see the uncut version of this video, please click here.

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Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: September 6, 2019

Here is the uncut version of the interview/testimony. I sat down with Steve and Ann on 9/7/19. They are so gracious to share the deepest part of their journey with us!{{video id="steve-ann-full-interview"}}

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Debbie Carter ~ Blessed

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: May 20, 2019

Debbie Carter ~ Blessed Life was pretty normal for Debbie as she went about her every day activities. Get up, go to work, do life with family and enjoy each day.She shared that "my dad taught her to drive a semi", and she loved it. As a result ...

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Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: December 10, 2018

He had a common virus, but he wasn't getting better.After a chest x-ray to look for pneumonia, they were told to immediately go to the ER at the nearest Children's Hospital.The horror that awaited him and his parents was not even on their radar......

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