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Debra's Story ~ All in the Family

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: September 21, 2020

Debra’s Story ~ All in the FamilyMy career was in full bloom…I just lost my mother to a devastating illness.I was pressing to get on with my life, when another curveball came my way… Growing up in a family well acquainted with cancer and long-ter...

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A big day for Sarah!

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: May 22, 2020

My story with cancer seemed to start as a bit out of left field. I had been going to my general practitioner with concerns and he ordered a blood test. The next morning, I received the call that would transform my life forever. My General Praction...

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My Barber...

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: May 14, 2020

He is friendly and a ray of sunshine, it’s why so many of us have visited his barbershop over the years. My history with this gentleman is filled with “trim me up”, “trim my neck” and “use the #6 guard and just buzz it all.” Our Gilead Minist...

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