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Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: December 10, 2018 Blog: Warriors


He had a common virus, but he wasn't getting better.

After a chest x-ray to look for pneumonia, they were told to immediately go to the ER at the nearest Children's Hospital.

The horror that awaited him and his parents was not even on their radar... 42667361_10156483291055170_190578590960582656_n.jpg

Until that day...

The day Kamden's world was invaded by cancer.

It was the middle of May, he had just turned 6 month old.

His parents immediate response was “HOW? He’s only 6 months old. What do you mean CANCER??”

The following year was the hardest year of their life. They lived in hospitals, at doctors offices, on the edge of their seats constantly.

Kamden would go through countless procedures, surgeries, treatments, and medications.

His red blood cell count would be depleted as his body would be filled with poison in hopes that it would kill the cancer cells...

Kamden would spike a fever at a time when his body had NO immunity.

The chemo wiped him out, made him sick, took away his hair. BUT it ultimately saved him. The tumor was smaller every time he was scanned.

The chemo drugs were so toxic that his entire diaper area would be scalded when he’d urinate out the toxins & byproducts.

His mom had to hold him down and give him shots daily to try and help his white blood cells replenish faster. The treatment, waiting, scans, blood draws and doctor visits all seem to blur together.

But he was a fighter. #kickingitwithkamden was the mantra...

And he did kick it!

Not only did he kick it, he celebrated his 4th birthday just a little while back.

Take a look at this amazingly cute kid, who, by God's grace is doing so well that his family heard the words all families wish to hear... NO MORE SCANS!

Gilead was there sharing the journey with Kamden and his family.

Kyle and Lindsey, his parents, have been involved in some aspect of Gilead ever since. His dad, Kyle,

will be the President of Gilead Ministries' board in 2019.

This holiday season has brought gifts for the Taylor family beyond what any amount of money can buy.

As I write this letter, my mind drifts back to the day we got the call to help the Taylor family share their news with family here, while they were in Indy with Kamden.

Gilead was there to be a part of Kamden's encouragement team. Reminding them there was someone praying for them. There as a listening ear, if needed. And supporting his family members as they watched him struggle through.

Gilead is thankful for the Taylor Family and their partnership with Gilead Ministries over the years.

We're even more thankful for the amazing news for Kamden!


D.L. Hurd said:

on December 12, 2018 at 10:57am

What an amazing story of God's mercy and grace. I believe God uses situations like Kamden's to draw people to Himself. Where else do we go when we are in desperate situations but to Him as we cry out for His help in our times of deepest need. Jesus answered the cry for Kamden and that gives me hope. Thanks for sharing this story!

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