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Gavin's Not Just Cute... He's A Winner...

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: July 11, 2014 Blog: Warriors

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The very first thing I noticed about Gavin was his smile!  If you've visited his Facebook page you would see his journey, which started just after his first birthday on June 15, 2012.

As his mother stated, he went from being a baby to a cancer patient in one day!  Recently Gavin finished his last chemo and we wanted to celebrate his victory with his story on our Warriors Page.

Visit his Facebook Page Here : Hope4Gavin (a video from his FB page is below, don't miss this one!)

Here is the latest update from his family:

The day is finally here. Our little boy can be just that...a little boy. Two years ago Gavin went from being a baby to a cancer patient in a matter of seconds. Our lives forever changed. Gavin's strength, bravery and humor carried us through. We are so thankful for the support and love from our family, friends & even strangers. We couldn't have done it without your uplifting support and prayers. We are so blessed to live so close to the most amazing hospitals and clinics. The Jimmy Fund & Boston Children's Hospital - we are forever grateful for the lifesaving research, treatment and compassion you have given our family.


For his victory his family put together this this little video and I hope you enjoy it as much I have...

Gilead has been sending cards to Gavin since the beginning of 2014.  He has also received cards from another group connected to Gilead Ministries by the name of Phil's Kids Project.  It is such a privilege to walk this journey as an encourager for these brave kids.

Thanks to Gavin's family for allowing Gilead to share in his cancer journey!

Way To Go Gavin!

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