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A warriors poem... And Now A Word From The Cat

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: March 12, 2020 Blog: Warriors

gBT4CZzT_0pnzjjNKUJ5bxSDSxFaJNnsCaacpfOC5vs.jpgAnd Now,

a Word from the Cat

By: Marcia Woodard

I'm a cat, a fur-clad Hyde and Jekyll And observing my actions, you’d say

That I’m certifiably mental Chasing nothings and shadows all day.

I’ll steal your food in a moment The instant you look somewhere else

You’re not sure if I do it to torment Or to try to take care of myself

I’ll dutifully go in my “sandbox” Then kick the stuff out on the floor

I’ll romance every cat within five blocks After shredding your brand new screen door.90144624_227826985066148_5540463088345546752_n.jpg

At times, you’ll think you can’t take me That bringing me home was a trap

Then just as you’re ready to shake me I’ll come nestle down on your lap.

We’ll snuggle together at bedtime As I let you pet my silky fur

Then, as you drift off, “MYOW?” like last time With the “MYOW!” interrupting 1412511959323_wps_102_CR0YE1_A_young_woman_at_h.jpgmy purr.

I'll MYOW as you try appeasement And MYOW as you beg me goodnight

I’ll pause then again start MYOW teasement And MYOW ‘til you turn on the light

You say to me, “Obey your master.” Psht! ”MYOW-ster?” Don’t make me laugh!

We all know it’s dogs who have masters, But cats? MYOW, what we have is staff.

So give me the honor that’s due me, Strew catnip and mice where I trod, 90099868_3858099937563819_5769189587419136000_n.jpg

You don’t like my manners? So sue me! But in Egypt, MYOW was a god.


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