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They Couldn't Forget Him...

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: May 21, 2018 Blog: Thoughts along the way

"We don't know where the disciples went when they fled the garden, but we do know what they took: a memory.

They took a heart-stopping memory of a man who called himself no less than God in the flesh. And they couldn't get him out of their minids. Try as they might to lose him in the crowd, they couldn't forget him.

If they saw a leper, they thought of his compassion.

If they heard a storm, they would remember they day he silenced one.

If they saw a child, they would think of the day he held one.

And if they saw a lamb being carried to the temple, they would remember his face streaked with blood and his eyes flooded with love.

No, they couldn't forget him.

As a result, they came back.

And, As a result, the church of our Lord began with a group of frightened men in an upper room."

~Max Lucado, From "Six Hours One Friday"

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