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Insufficient Funds

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: April 19, 2018 Blog: Thoughts along the way

"People cannot do any work that will make them right with God." Romans 4:5

"If Christ had not covered us with his grace, each of us would be overdrawn on [our heavenly bank] account.

When it comes to goodness we would have insufficient funds. Inadequate holiness.

God requires a certain balance of virtue in our account, and it's more than any of us has alone.

Our holiness account shows insufficient funds, and only the holy will see the Lord; what can we do?

We could try making a few deposits. Maybe if I wave at my neighbor or compliment my husband or go to church next Sunday, I'll get caught up. But how do you know when you've made enough? . . .

If you are trying to justify your own statement, forget ever having peace . . . You are trying to justify an account you can't justify . . . "It is God who justifies" (Romans 8:33)

~Max Lucado, from his book, The Great House Of God.



Debra Jones Price said:

on April 20, 2018 at 2:41pm

The "insufficient funds" surely got this bankers attention!! Nice thoughts. Have a good day.

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