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Behold His Mercy

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: March 11, 2019 Blog: Thoughts along the way

Have you ever wondered what God thinks of you?

When you are doing all the "right stuff" you're pretty sure he is looking down on you with a smile.


When you're not the person you wished to be, what about then?

Here's something to consider...

"Jesus wraps a servant's girdle around his waist, takes up the basin, and kneels before one of his disciples. He unlaces a sandal and gently lifts the foot and places it in the basin, covers it with water, and begins to bathe it.

One by one, one grimy foot after another, Jesus works his way down the row.

You can be sure Jesus knows the future of these feet he is washing. These twenty-four feet will not spend the next day following their master, defending his cause.

These feet will dash for cover at the flash of a Roman sword.

Only one pair of feet won't abandon him in the garden.

One disciple won't desert him at Gethsemane - Judas won't even make it that far!

Behold the gift Jesus gives his followers!

He knows what these men are about to do ... And when they do, he wants them to remember how his knees knelt before them and he washed thier feet.

He wants them to realize those feet are still clean...

He forgave their sin before they even committed it...

He offered mercy before they even sought it." **

And he offers you and I the same...

Need encouragement on your Christian journey? Turn to the one who is willing to wash your feet and remind you of his mercy...

Need to find a way out of the struggles of sinful choices? Sit down and let the creator of the world cradle your feet and your soul in his hands and give you freedom from the guilt of the past...

Need to get past something that your past keeps reminding you of? Take off your sandals, become lowly enough to sit your feet in the hands that were nailed to a cross, for you. And allow his cleansing to wash away the regret and tell your conscience and the devil to take a hike!

How about it?

How about today?

** From Max Lucado's book, "Just Like Jesus"


Rebecca Harris said:

on March 11, 2019 at 12:43pm

A message well needed.. thank you & our Lord for your continued help & spreading HIS WORDS ..Being a messenger for HIM & A teacher through HIm of encouragement helping others! May God Continue leading you! Have a Blessed day As you have Blessed me & am sure MANY OTHERS! GOD IS FAITHFUL!! :)

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