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York Place ~ On The Side Of Cancer Patients

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: January 28, 2015 Blog: News

Gilead Ministries relies heavily on the support of our community to make things happen in the lives of those we serve.

York Place is one of our community partners.

York Place was responsible for the postage that delivered 2,700+ Christmas Cards sent to patients and their families in 44 states.

In addition, 1,275 families were brought ways they could serve and support cancer patients through the bi-monthly newsletter/prayer calendar.

Because of York Places commitment to their community they have enriched the lives of those whom Gilead serves.

Without this sponsorship, Gilead would have incurred a cost of nearly $500 but with their investment, these cards went out at no cost to Gilead.

Thanks to York Place for your sponsorship of our Christmas Cards and Prayer Calendar!

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