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Why I invest in Gilead Ministries

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: January 13, 2014 Blog: News

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Here is a note from one of our board members who were recently asked why they invest in Gilead...

I invest in Gilead because Gilead is driven by Christ's call to serve and encourage people, especially those going through treatment for cancer and other serious diseases .

When my late husband was going through his lung cancer battle back in the late 90's, we were blessed by our connection with the Dave Dravecky ministry called Outreach of Hope. Mike was so encouraged by the resources, cards and calls by his special encourager, Rosa.

After Mikes death in '99 and my move to Marion in 2000, I was eventually able to meet and thank Dave Dravecky in person at a Gilead Ministries Banquet. It was at that time that I found out that Gilead Ministries was modeled after the Outreach of Hope Ministry.

It was a natural fit for me to be able to serve on the Board of Gilead ministries, since I had a first hand experience in the kind of ministry they were trying to provide to people in our area!

In 2006- 2007, I walked through my own cancer diagnosis and treatment. My family, church and friends were very supportive, but the additional cards and calls from Gilead seemed to come at just the right time!

Since many people do not the kind of support that I have experienced, I invest in Gilead. I want to make sure that Gilead continues to build relationships with hurting people, so they can help bear the burdens that get so heavy in the midst of serious illness.

Ultimately, I pray that Gilead can bring people hope for the future through the Good News of Jesus Christ!

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