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"Gilead CHANGED the journey"

Written by: Bill Sparks Posted on: February 12, 2014 Blog: News

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Here is a recent board member who wasn't just part of the ministry, his family was in the middle of the cancer journey with their mother/grandmother...

Listen to what Shane Nevers had to say about Gilead...

"Throughout my 27 years of life, I have not experienced much in relation to those who have gone before me. However, there has been one experience that rings out loud and clear and I have become very passionate about. My grandmother passed away a few days before Thanksgiving 2013…and the impact that Gilead Ministries made on her life speaks volumes to me.

The path that my grandmother traveled as she battled bladder cancer was lightened and encouraged because of the journey that Gilead shared with her. The inspiration and hope that Gilead provided to her during her last few days, shined on her face as cancer slowly took her physically away from us. Cancer filled her body, but did not touch her heart. Her heart was touched by Gilead.

I believe that Gilead Ministries motto of “Sharing the Journey” did not change the outcome of her situation. Cancer won the battle, but Gilead moved on her heart. As my grandma started to step into the shadows of angels, the peace and comfort that Gilead provided was evident by her peaceful transition.

I am very passionate about Gilead Ministries impact and the lifelong impressions they make on families…not just patients. “Sharing the Journey” is an experience I will never forget and that has made a tremendous impact on me."

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