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About Gilead

Established in 1999, Gilead Ministries is a nonprofit ministry that comes alongside individuals and families dealing with cancer and long-term illness. Our services range from providing cards of encouragement to monthly phone calls. Annually, Gilead cares for more than 3,500 patients and their families across 48 states.

Our Mission: Sharing the Journey

Our mission is to build relationships, bear the burden and bring hope. Gilead shares the journey with cancer & long-term illness patients and their families.

If you or a loved one need encouragement today, call 765-664-3734.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that are frequently asked about our ministry.

1. Who is Gilead?

Gilead Ministries provides emotional, spiritual and practical support to cancer and long term illness patients, and their families.

2. What services does Gilead provide?

We provide services to meet the needs of patients and families affected by cancer and other illnesses. Our services include:

      • Monthly calls of encouragement
      • Grief support
      • Cards of encouragement
      • Home renovation and repair
      • House and yard cleaning
      • Hospital visits

3. How is Gilead funded?

Gilead Ministries is a nonprofit totally dependent on donations. We’re funded by personal and business donations which are supplemented by a few fundraising events.

4. What do my donations support?

Your donations help us continue to support patients and families walking through difficult times. Your donations also help our staff and volunteers provide the services listed above.

5. Whom does Gilead support?

Patients and families dealing with cancer, long-term illness and grief.

6. How can I support Gilead?

You can support our ministry financially or through volunteering. See our volunteer FAQ's for the many different ways you can help.

7. How can I get Gilead to serve someone I know?

Contact us on our Facebook page or by calling our office at 765-664-3734.